Priya Nandy – Sapphire Director, #12 Kolkata top 15, #15 East top 15

I am Priya Nandy and I am a daughter ,wife and a mother but I am also an entrepreneur and I am into network marketing. I was a house maker when I started Oriflame and it has been quite a journey. Today I am my own boss with no fixed working hours.

I have always wanted to create an identity of my own but felt the lack of opportunity to do so. My day-to-day life comprised of studying, doing household chores, taking care of my family and I was happy doing it all but I wanted to have my own identity where people would acknowledge me for my work and respect me for my skills.

“All that glitters is not gold”- but Oriflame has the shine and it offered everything that I wanted. If helped me make an identity of my own, it helped me become financially independent and I went across the world to attend seminars with Oriflame. It fetched me the kind of exposure I was looking for and changed my life into something that I only and only dreamt of.

My first income from Oriflame was Rs.189 and today I earn in lakhs every month. I have traveled with Oriflame and it has been an amazing experience every single time.

Set your own strategy,

Work digitally without any door to door sale

Set the time you want to work

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