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Network Management

The key to being successful in network marketing is building your image.

Leadership Skills

The ability to lead relies on a number of key skills, but different leaders have different styles of leadership.

Time Management

Time management is enabling people to get more and better work done in less time.

Personality Building

Personality development is about building your capacities, nurturing your talent.


Priya Nandy – Sapphire Director, #12 Kolkata top 15, #15 East top 15

I am Priya Nandy and I am a daughter ,wife and a mother but I am also an entrepreneur and I am into network marketing. I was a house maker when I started Oriflame 12 years back and it has been quite a journey. Today I am my own boss with no fixed working hours.

My network strength is more than 3000 and I earn more than Rs.100,000 monthly. I can stand strong beside my family and support them financially. I can provide my family with a comfortable lifestyle and provide for my daughter’s education.


With us, you will…

Make Money

Wonderful Career ● Operate from Home
Flexible Working Hours ● Helpful Social Circle

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Look Great

Get to know latest
Beauty Trends ● Fashions of the World ● Inspiring Wellness Trends ● Sustainable Beauty Trends

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Have Fun

Have life full of
Luxury ● Fun ● Dream Lifestyle
Company Sponsored Holidays, in India & Abroad

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Look great and have fun

If you want to have fun: There is no other place better than the opportunity…

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This is an opportunity where you can be in the comfort of your own home…

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What my directors say ?

Tillotama RoyDirector

"Your only limit is you."
The moment I decided to step out from someone else's business and start my own, my whole life changed. Oriflame has given me the opportunity to live my dream, to challenge my own limits. I will be eternally thankful to Mr. Kaushik Nandy and Priya Nandy for staying by my side on this journey. Secondly, my junior colleagues who helped me become what I am today. This success is not mine alone but of them all. Last but not the least, I am grateful to the entire Kolkata branch of Oriflame who has guided me in every step of the way. Thankyou for enabling me to realise my own potential and wake up everyday with pride and satisfaction.

Sumita SarkarDirector

My journey with Oriflame and team Financial Freedom With Us started in 2016 before which I was a house wife.I was a satisfied user of Oriflame products. After becoming a brand partner my life changed significantly. I believe it’s more about doing things than just thinning about doing them. I visited people including my friends and people i know and recommended oriflame products and a membership. I learnt that there are no secrets to success,it is the result of preparation,hard work and learning from failures. Team financial Freedom With Us made a tremendous difference and I am thankful to my team members. They are full of positive attitude, enthusiasm and unique ideas. I enjoy working with them.

Ratan SamantaDirector

Born in a hutment, brought up with 6 family members in 10x10 rooms, I have joined Oriflame with a hope to do something big at the age of 30, though I am still in service from the year 2009. Within 3 years from the date of my starting in a different manner as well as with different profession, which most of the people did not choose because of fear of failure, though I never believe in the word "FAILURE" because I used to recommended myself strongly to "LEARN". I have achieved my dream level considering 1st day expectation of my joining in Oriflame. In my journey towards DIRECTORSHIP in Oriflame Ladder of Success, I have really learned a lot instead of lot of failure. I have also learned how to transfer every negative, aukward situation in my favour from our beloved, respected mam MRS. PRIYA NANDY, the SENIOR GOLD DIRECTOR and we are very much proud of mam. I also believe that I will be nowhere, will not be able to sustain in this profession, if I was not under the leadership of a true leader like our Priya Di who is also the leader of our group "TEAM FINANCIAL FREEDOM WITH US" and we are also proud of our group and also proud of brand partners of our team.

Puja BhattacharjyaDirector

Firstly I would like to thankful to my entire team of Financial Freedom With Us and my leaders . In January 2019 I joined Oriflame . I was attached with the profession of a school teacher back then but I was not at all satisfied with that profession. I have gone through the success plan of Oriflame seriously and it is a honour to say that I really discovered Oriflame and also I had started to believe that this opportunity can change my life. It also supported myself to reach my destination I was dreaming about. My belief became true 1st time when I achieved managership in Oriflame ladder of success within six months of my joining, then I left my earlier profession. I started to give more effort to reach my destiny as early as possible with strong determination and belief. This belief takes me to my 1st step of achievement, that is DIRECTORSHIP in Oriflame ladder of success and needless to say in this journey I had found the guide, philosopher, my idol, our motivator Mrs.Priya Nandy (our mam, our didi) the Senior Gold Director, a true leader of Team Financial Freedom with us, without heI wouldn’t have reached here. I think hardwork,confidance, consistency is only the key of achievement .

Nabanita Ghosh RoySenior Manager

আমি নবনীতা ঘোষ রায় আজ থেকে কয়েক বছর আগে আমি একদম গৃহবধূ ছিলাম।আমি একজন গৃহবধূ হওয়া সত্ত্বেও মনের গভীরে একটা সুপ্ত ইচ্ছে ছিল। আর সেই ইচ্ছে পূরণের তাগিদে কোনো কিছু না ভেবে আমি oriflame opportunity except করি আমাদের টিমের হাত ধরে। Team financial freedom with us সত্যি আমাকে পরিবর্তন করে দিয়েছে এবং সাথে তো অবশ্যই রয়েছে আমাদের strong success plan.Now i am a senior manager at Oriflame.সেদিনের সেই গৃহবধূ আজ একজন Entrepreneur. যার মাধ্যমে আমি আমার ফ্যামিলি এবং আমার নিজের স্বপ্ন পূরণ করে চলেছি।Thank you my team and thank you Oriflame.

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